Pushing the cutting edge of the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database



Through its connection to the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database [SEAD], VISEAD benefits from a number of national and international agreements for data sharing and research and development collaboration.


The Swedish National Heritage Board [RAÄ] and the Swedish National Data Service [SND] are both represented on SEAD’s reference groups.

SEAD has an ongoing dialogue with RAÄ and has been integrated into their work towards a sustainable, accessible, information system for archaeological data, and SND archives SEAD, provides the DOI’s which will be used for the datasets and sites in SEAD, and is investigating the possibilities for providing other services.


SEAD also has a memorandum of understanding with ARIADNE, which brings together and integrates existing archaeological research data, and is thus tied into a European data-sharing network.


The VISEAD partner labs (AFL, KFL, MAL, and VDL) are all part of the Consortium of Swedish Archaeological Research Laboratories (, which plans to become a distributed national infrastructure for archaeology, with SEAD as the joint database for this collaboration.

As part of VISEAD’s goal of interlinking infrastructures tools for sharing data have been developed with which SEAD is currently sharing data with, among others, the dataArc infrastructure.




For more information on other ways in which the SEAD project collaborates with other national and international groups, visit the project’s homepage.