Pushing the cutting edge of the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database

The Team



VISEAD is hosted in Umeå, Sweden, at the Environmental Archaeology Lab [MAL], in cooperation with the Humanities Laboratory [HUMlab], and with additional development staff provided by ICT Services & System Development [ITS].



Further expertise and data are provided from the research laboratories at Stockholm and Lund Unviersities.





The Archaeological Research Lab [AFL]



AFL at Stockholm University has a wide focus including biological, chemical, geological and physical analytical methods. Work often involves questions regarding diet, using lipids and stable isotope analysis, as well as DNA analysis.




The Laboratory for Ceramic Research [KFL]  & The National Laboratory for Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology [VDL]


KFL and the VDL have both been active since the 1970s and are based at the department of Geology, Lund University.

KFL performs both consultancy and research involving ceramic material. A central type of analysis is petrographic microscopy on ceramic thin sections, to analyse tempering and clay content. In recent years XRF analysis on ceramic sherds is often performed as well.





VDL’s focus lies in dendrochronologial age determination of material from a variety of contexts (archaeological, building, ship wreck, etc.) and the lab hosts an extensive and regularly updated reference series for dendrochronological dating in Sweden. The lab also performs wood anatomical analyses.



The Environmental Archaeology Lab [MAL]


MAL, at Umeå University, is a national resource of environmental archaeology in Sweden, and was founded in 1993. The lab performs both consultancy work and research, mainly in Scandinavia. Various analytical methods are used, e.g. insect analysis, pollen analysis, NIR-spectroscopy, but a majority of the lab’s consultancy work consists of macro fossil analysis and geochemical analysis of soil samples.